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Aircraft Wallpapers 198, Romanian Mig-21 Wallpapers

The Mig-21 Lancer has been one of the most produced fighter aircraft of the world. It still serves at Air Forces around the world with great success. It accomplishes outstanding tasks while costing less to the countries that employ it.

A sleek look...The Romanian Air Force Mig-21 Lancer is ready to bite....Enjoy...

Aircraft Wallpapers 197, CH-53 Super Stallion

 The Super Stallion does a variety of jobs from infantry transport to marine operations. CH-53 can be considered as beast as its enormously large fuselage.

Enjoy the high definition wallpapers of  Ch-53 Super Stallion.

Aircraft Wallpapers 196, Indian Air Force

One of the most formidable air forces in the world, the Indian Air Force boasts having a variety of aircraft ranging from Mirages to Sukhois. A versatile air force, the Indian Air Force upgrades its air fleet constantly, modernizing the units according to ever-changing threats.

Enjoy the high quality Indian Air Force Wallpapers.

Aircraft Wallpapers 195, Apache Longbow Gunship

The most sophisticated Apache ever created. The Longbow Apache stands as a chopper version AWACS. With its famous Longbow Radar placed right on the top of the main rotor, Longbow Apache is the eyes and ears of a army regiments behind the front.

Enjoy these Longbow Apache Wallpapers

Aircraft Wallpapers 194, Finnair Wallpapers

The Finnish Airline Company, Finnair expands business nowadays. They are now flying places that were never been flied before.

Thumbs up for them providing us with wonderful desktop wallpapers opportunities....

Aircraft Wallpapers 193, Swedish Air Force

Sweden has been one of the handful of countries capable of producing its own fighter jets. The incredibly agile Saab line of jets make up of its majority of air force fleet. They even sell these fighters to foreign countries like Swiss.The Swedish Air Force stands as fighting force that is to be reckoned with.


Aircraft Wallpapers 192, Engines at the Rear

It is not often that we have a chance to ride on an aircraft which have their engines located at the aft section of the aircraft because they are rare. In airliner industry, most of the time the aircraft with engines attached to the wings are preferred.

Whether it is a Russian made aircraft or a western built one, engines at the rear can posit some advantages like low engine noise in the cockpit. What is certain is that these aircraft look beautiful and their pictures can easily decorate our desktop with a cool appearance.

Aircraft Wallpapers 191, Yak-3

The Yak-3 first flew in 1943  and was considered the best of the low altitude (below 12,500 ft) fighters of WWII. Yak-3 was a very agile dogfighter, easy to handle aircraft loved by both rookie and veteran pilots.

It first saw action in June 1943 and could out climb, out turn and out run the German Bf 109 and FW 190.

Enjoy the Yak-3 Wallpapers...

Aircraft Wallpapers 190, B-29 Superfortress

Boeing B-29 Superfortress was the most advanced WW2 Bomber. With a pressurized cockpit, the Superfortress could fly higher and longer. It gave the Allies an edge over the Axis who didn`t have anything comparable.

Nowadays one of the last B-29s, the FiFi still flies on airshows around the world. It is a great opportunity to see her performing as you will have an idea on how big a WW2 bomber can be.

Aircraft Wallpapers 189, Douglas C-47 Skytrain

C-47 transport airplane saw action during the World War II. The most famous of these campaigns happened to be the D-Day landings, where C-47 played an enormous role making impossible the necessary para-droppings.